Taxing the Rich

Myth of Millionaire Tax Flight

Stanford University Press, 2017. Order on Amazon.
Op-ed summary in The Guardian.  [download: Slides for teaching]
Edu-tainment video based on the book: “Calling the Rich Out On Their Bluff” by comedian Jeff Seal

Reviewed in Social ForcesContemporary SociologyInstitute on Taxation and Economic Policy

Articles on Millionaire Taxes

Taxing the Rich: How Incentives and Embeddedness Shapes Millionaire Tax Flight. (with Ithai Lurie). Washington Center for Equitable Growth Working Paper. Summary

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Eight Brief Responses to criticism from the free market think tank, Pioneer Institute.

Millionaire Migration and State Taxation of Top Incomes: Evidence from a Natural ExperimentNational Tax Journal. June, 2011. (with Charles Varner) (Won Dentler Award from the ASA section on Public Sociology.)

Replication:  The Chief Economist of New Jersey published a critical replication of our study in the Public Finance Review. Their estimates fall within our original 95 percent confidence intervals.  Despite their skeptical tone, their analysis confirms our core conclusion of a small (or very small) migration effect of the millionaire tax.

See our reply published in the same issue.

Shining a Light on Secret Money: Review of Gabriel Zucman’s The Hidden Wealth of Nations. European Journal of Sociology. Volume 57(3): 581-585.

Coverage in Popular Press

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