Unemployment and Well-being

Time as a Network Good: Evidence from Unemployment and the Standard WorkweekSociological Science. Febuary 2014. (with Chaeyoon Lim)

My New York Times Op-Ed version: You Don’t Need More Free Time.

The New York Times also cited this as one of the “Keys to Happiness“.  The Globe and Mail ran a business page column on the study.

Download the replication package (data set and STATA code) for the American Time Use Survey results.







Losing a Job: The Non-Pecuniary Cost of Unemployment in the United StatesSocial Forces. December 2012.

Blog posts at Washington Monthly and Economist’s View. Issue brief for the general public.

Replication packages (PSID data set and STATA code)

unemployment scar






Unemployment Insurance and Job Search Activity: Evidence from Random Audits. Working Paper.